At any time, make and join with this Intention any good such as: prayer, sacrifice, fasting and mortification.

  • Firstable. We can not forget that all our spiritual acts that we undertake are meaningful in as much we act in conviction of their connection to an intention. For example, the question may be asked: is it sufficient enough to only express words in prayer or to fast on a Friday by only abstaining from eating meat? That is, if there is no intention connected with a good which we undertake in action, in thought and in a word, then we act insufficeintly . To exemplify this is accomplishing something as writing a beautiful letter without a recipient. For this reason, the essence of the Crusade is to consciously accentuate the intention: "That Mary would be more known and loved; that her Call from Fatima would be known and embraced in the world."
  • Secondly. Such a form of prayer storm is possible for each and every person without exception. On the one hand, it opens new horizons for us in the perception of prayer, and on the other, it does not limit us in our decisions and expressions of love for Mary. The Crusade is an invitation to any – in regards to place, time and form – prayer, penance, fasting, mortification, works of mercy or, for example, sacrifices of everyday life, but always undertaken in this one particular intention. Thus, the essence of the work is to focus not on what and how much to do, but on connecting the intention,Thus, the essence of the work is to focus not on what and how much to do. However, make emphasis on connecting to the intention while carrying it in the heart with any good undertaken for love of Mary.
  • Thirdly. Such a path has already been indicated to us by the Primate of the Millennium, Fr. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

„Should we not combine in prayer, the spirit of penance and remuneration, small offerings, mortifications, voluntary refrainments and sacrifices? This is what the Holy Mother Herself asks for, alike in Lourdes, in La Salette and in Fatima! And you know well how many fruitful sacrifices can be made for the good of our person, our families' and society! Conrtrol over tongue and mouth, increasing sensitivity towards others, improving work style and ethics, abstaining from alcoholic beverages and smoking, reduction of unnecessary expenses for personal pleasure. Refraining from addictions and bad habitudes sometimes so cost consuming, ruining the health and budget of families – it is a long litany of opportunities for penance and remuneration for the sea of sins that harm us all.”

  • We have so many opportunities to do good without imposing additional obligations, as it is sufficient to carry the intention in our hearts. Let us, therefore, share one common intention.